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Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava Faculty of Architecture and Design (FAD STU) announces a public international non-anonymous student PHOTO competition with the aim of involving young people in the discovery of selected monuments of railway heritage from their surroundings and to develop their photography skills and creativity. Photographs should make the unused potential of historic railways visible, react and capture the current state and changing trends of their use/non-use of railways in the travel sphere.

Artistic photographs represent an important part of the visual communication of individual locations or technical monuments. Selected photos captured by the current young generation will be added to the research part of the project to present the destinations and routes of the selected railway lines in each partner country. The RAIL4V4+V brand contributes primarily to the development of sustainable tourism in the regions, and the results of the competition will contribute to the promotion and interpretation of railway heritage through the eyes of young people, not only within individual partner countries but also within the European Union. (


Partner of the Competition:

Prolaika – A company that has been engaged in activities in the field of classic and digital photography for 30 years. The company offers sales and service of photo equipment, online magazine, exhibitions, discussions, workshops, photo trips…

Address: PRO.Laika, spol. s.r.o. Palackého 12, 811 02 Bratislava, SR

The type of competition and the date of its announcement

The International public competition for students at secondary schools, secondary art schools, students of architecture and design and students of related fields, including university students from the 5 participating countries (Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Serbia/Vojvodina).

The conditions of this competition are very simple. Photograph what interests you. An individual with an exclusively own series of a minimum 3 and a maximum of 5 photos can enter the public competition.

The competition is announced on: 11.12.2023

Application deadline: 11.5.2024

Evaluation of the competition: no later than: 31.5.2024

Attributes that a photo series should meet:

  • The photos are taken from one of the 50 locations published on the website of the RAIL4V4+V research project, and in the appendix of these competition conditions.
  • A series can consist of a minimum 3 and a maximum of 5 photos and must be marked as a series with sequential numbers of individual photos.
  • Photos of railway heritage from another location are acceptable but must be marked differently and this category will also be evaluated separately.

Complete competition conditions for download: here

Photo format:

The competition photo must be mandatorily processed and delivered by the competition deadline in the following format:

2.1. Photo format ….. JPG (for all five pictures together maximum 10 MB)

2.2. Size …… (we recommend uploading competition photos with a size of at least 2500 px)

2.3. Description – the photo name begins with the author’s last name and first name, site number and series number for example Smith_John_1-50_1-5.jpg, or Smith_John_name of another location_1-5.jpg.

Photos may be edited or retouched, but not in such a way that they do not correspond to reality.

Google sign-in form: here

 Jury – Selection committee

All submitted proposals will be evaluated and the best 3 will be selected by a 5-member expert jury composed of:

  • Mgr. art. Monika Stacho, ArtD.  Photographer and teacher, Institute of Design FAD STU – (President of the jury)
  • Assoc. prof. Milan Lukáč, akad. soch. Head of the Institute of Fine Arts and Multimedia FAD STU
  • prof. Mgr. Ing. Ľubo Stacho – artist, architectural photographer and educator
  • Mgr.Art. Petra Cepková, ArtD. – photographer, professional teacher, Private School of Design – Bohumil Bača School of Art Industry in Bratislava
  • MgA. Ing. Peter Korček – photographer, teacher, doctoral student at the Silesian Institute of Creative Photography University of Opava (Czech Republic)

Invited jury members:

  • Ing. Michal Tunega – director of the Railway Museum of the Slovak Republic
  • Karol Srnec – photographer, lecturer and editor-in-chief of


The announcer of the public competition tender undertakes to pay the author of the winning photos in the category a series of photos of 50 RAIL4V4+V sites a financial reward in the total amount of EUR 500.

1 st           place 250 €.

2 nd         palce 150 €.

3 rd          place 100 €.

Within 30 days from the publication of the results, FAD STU will conclude a Contract and a License Agreement with the winners of the competition, in accordance with Act no. 618/2003 Coll. on copyright and rights related to copyright. A financial reward will be paid to the winners by transfer to a bank account.

The announcer and partner of the public anonymous competition undertakes to award a valuable material non-financial prize to the authors of the winning photos in the category series of photos of other railway heritage.

1 st           place (Photo backpack Manfrotto NX BackPack Gray)

2 nd         place (Photo equipment case Manfrotto NX camera Holster CSC Grey)

3 rd          place (Action bike camera holder – Joby Action Bike Mount)

The winners of this category will be able to collect the prize together with the diploma in person in Bratislava, or it will be delivered to them by courier to the indicated address based on the data from the registration form. Material prizes cannot be exchanged for financial compensation. The competitor’s right to the prize won is non-transferable.

Promotion of the results of the competition will be ensured in the form of a travelling exhibition prepared under the curatorial auspices of FAD STU and the competition partner Prolaika, and it will be realized for the first time in the Railway Museum in Bratislava.

The results of the competition will contribute not only to the promotion and interpretation of the railway heritage in an original way, but also to stimulating and increasing the number of visitors to these unique technical monuments by young people.

Get involved too! Become a part of RAIL4V4+V.

Contact person at FAD STU to answer any questions:

Ing. arch. Vladimír Hain, PhD.,, tel.: +421 904 471 618 

List of 50 RAIL4V4+V 2023 locations:                      

  1. Czech Republic – Chomutov Roundhouses – Heating Plant
  2. Czech Republic – Locomotive shed Kořenov
  3. Czech Republic – Poděbrady Railway Station
  4. Czech Republic – Masaryk Railway Station Prague
  5. Czech Republic – Rynoltice Railway Station
  6. Czech Republic – Railway station Děčín-Východ
  7. Czech Republic – Freight station Prague-Žižkov
  8. Czech Republic – Uherské Hradiště Railway station
  9. Czech Republic – Mezimestí Railway Station
  10. Czech Republic – Ostrava-Vítkovice Railway station
  1. Hungary – Biatorbágy Viaduct
  2. Hungary – Buda Castle Funicular Budapest
  3. Hungary – Millennium Underground Railway and Museum Budapest
  4. Hungary – Railway History Park Budapest
  5. Hungary – Royal Waiting Room Gödöllő
  6. Hungary – Békéscsaba Railway Station
  7. Hungary – Tiszai Railway Station Miskolc
  8. Hungary – Keleti Railway Station Budapest
  9. Hungary – Children’s Railway Budapest
  10. Hungary – Alföld Industrial Garden Railways
  1. Poland – Jaworzyna Śląska Railway Station
  2. Poland – Main Railroad Station Wrocław
  3. Poland – Museum of Railways on Silesia, Jaworzyna Śląska
  4. Poland – Railway bridge over Lake Pilchowickie
  5. Poland – Tunnel under Mały Wołowec, Jedlina Zdrój
  6. Poland – Wujek-Staszic coal mine railway siding in Katowice
  7. Poland – Batory rolling mill railway siding in Chorzów
  8. Poland – Victoria coke plant railway siding in Wałbrzych
  9. Poland – Sand railway in Silesia (Katowice)
  10. Poland – Wrocław city harbor siding
  1. Serbia – Marshalling yard with stokehold, Novi Sad
  2. Serbia – Banat Narrow-gauge Railway line Zrenjanin-Žombolj – Jimbolia
  3. Serbia – The First Railway of Vojvodina – Bazijaš, Jasenovo – Bela Crkva
  4. Serbia – Novi Sad Railway Station
  5. Serbia – Sombor Railway Station
  6. Serbia – Kikinda Railway station
  7. Serbia – Mokrin Railway station
  8. Serbia – Melenci Railway station
  9. Serbia – Novo Miloševo Railway station
  10. Serbia – Veliki Bečkerek Railway station
  1. Slovakia – Museum of Transport in Bratislava
  2. Slovakia – Express 34 tunnels – route Banská Bystrica–Harmanec–Kremnica–Hronská Dúbrava
  3. Slovakia – Banská Bystrica Railway station
  4. Slovakia – Armored train Štefánik – Banská Bystrica – Open-air museum of the SNP Memorial
  5. Slovakia – Horehronie express route Banská Bystrica – Dedinky
  6. Slovakia – Railway Museum of the Slovak Republic – Bratislava
  7. Slovakia – Historic forest headland railway – Nová Bystrica – Vychylovka
  8. Slovakia – Čiernohronská železnička – Čierny Balog + Cog Railway Tisovec – Zbojská
  9. Slovakia – Tatra Electric Railway and High Tatras Cog Railway
  10. Slovakia – Children’s historical railway – Košice, Čermel


Other railway heritage – of your choice

Partners of the project: