Horehronie Express

Banská Bystrica,



29. augusta, Banská Bystrica

974 01, Banská Bystrica, Slovakia

Cartographic data:

The route runs from Banská Bystrica, Brezno then the ride is through Červená Skala to Dedinky, along one of the most beautiful railway lines in Slovakia and through monumental technical monuments – Telgártsky and Chmarošský viaducts, the Kornel Stodol tunnel or the Telgártská loop is a real experience not only for train lovers. The atmosphere on the train will undoubtedly be guaranteed by the animation program, which will entertain and teach.

The track is part of the so-called Central Slovak transversal and forms part of the connection between the Košice-Bohumín railway (in Margecany) with an important transport hub in Zvolen. At the same time, it connects the Červená Skala – Margecany line with the Vrútky – Zvolen line through the Hron valley. The railway connection was built in three stages. The first section was operated from Banská Bystrica (where the line from Zvolen ended) to the Podbrezova ironworks on July 26, 1884. After Brezno, the line was extended on December 15, 1895 and the section along Červená Skala until November 28, 1903.

Telgártska slúčka is part of the Červená Skala – Margecany railway line and is one of the most demanding railway technical works in Slovakia. Construction began in 1931 and they managed it in an incredible 5 years. Unimaginable today.

The Telgárt Viaduct has a main arch span of 32 meters. It rises to a height of 22 meters, exceeding 86 meters in length.

The Chmaroš Viaduct is also nearby. With its length of almost 114 meters, 9 arches and a height of 18 meters, it crosses the Chmaroška valley, which is the entrance hiking trail to Kráľova hoľa. The bridge is the target of many photographers.

In Brezno there is a possibility of transfer towards the historic cog railway Tisovec – Zbojská, or also to the historic Čiernohronská railway.

The Čiernohronská Railway (formerly ČHŽ; older names: Hronecká štátna lesná železnica, Čiernohronská lesná dráha, skr. Č.H.L.D., Fekete Garamvölgyi Vasút, skr. F. G. V.) It runs on the routes Podbrezová-Chvatimech – Hronec – Čierny Balog, Čierny Balog – Vydrovo and Čierny Balog – Dobroč.

It was considerably branched, historically the largest total length of the network reached after World War II, 131.98 km. Before the abolition of traffic in 1982, another 36 km of track was in operation. The railway lines ran through the valleys of Čierny Hron and its tributaries. In 1982, it was declared a national cultural monument of the Slovak Republic. In 2011, the Čiernohronská Railway was also declared one of the seven wonders of the Banská Bystrica self-governing region.

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