The First Railway Of Vojvodina

Jasenovo - Bela Crkva,



Out of city | Železnički park, bb, Jasenovo | Bela Crkva

26346 | 26340, Banat, Serbia

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The construction of the first line in the south of Banat, Oravica-Jasenovo-Bela Crkva-Bazijaš, began in 1846-1847 years. After several interruptions in construction, it was completed and opened in 1854 for cargo and two years later for passenger traffic. The original goal of this line was economic: to connect the mining center Oravica with the nearest river port Bazijaš. The length of the railway was 63 km, of which 27 km on the territory of today’s Serbia and 36 km on Romanian territory.

The central station on this line in today’s Serbia was in the village of Jasenovo. It was expanded in 1858 when the Timisoara-Vrsac-Jasenovo line opened. In addition to the reception building, it had a furnace, a workshop, water towers for filling steam locomotives, a coal mill, as well as a turntable.

The reception building of the railway station in Jasenovo has the shape of an elongated rectangle, with the central part being the ground floor and the two annexes being one-story and exiting the flat building in the form of projections. A recognizable triangular gable with a circular window accentuates the main building entrance. The decorative elements, made of brick, are concentrated around the openings, on the building corners, and the cornices. The original facility had first and second-grade waiting rooms, a separate waiting room for mothers with children, a restaurant, a buffet, and apartments for railway workers.

The railway station in Bela Crkva also has a rectangular base, with an accentuated one-story central part, which ends with a triangular gable. In front of this part, towards the rails, there was a two-story wooden porch, later removed. The side annexes are ground floor. While the spatial assembly follows the typical railway buildings concept of time, the decoration is very unusual, more classicist, without brick reliefs.

After the First World War, the line was successively abolished. So far, the rails have been completely dismantled, and most of the buildings along the former railway line have been completely devastated.

The railway station in Jasenovo, although a protected cultural heritage site, is in a rather bad condition and has no function, as does the station in Bela Crkva.

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