Museum of Transport in Bratislava




Šancová , 1/a, Bratislava

811 05, Bratislava - Staré Mesto, Slovakia

Cartographic data:

The Museum of Transport in Bratislava is a branch of the Slovak Technical Museum. The museum is a comprehensive museum of transport with a permanent exhibition of means of road and rail transport. The museum is located on the premises of the first Bratislava steam-engine railway station, the former Hungarian Central Railway from the 19th century, on the premises of its track and two adjacent warehouses. The General Directorate of the Railway Police is located in the main building of the station itself. The museum complex together with the building of the General Directorate of the Environment is a national cultural monument and in the ÚZPF register, it is under no. 599 / 1-4. The museum is located in the dormitory and two adjacent warehouses. The warehouses date from the second half of the 19th century along the track, which houses locomotives, wagons, a steam crane and a plow, and other railway exhibits. In Stock no. I. (Hall A) located behind the Station building where the DG Environment is located, there are railway exhibits presenting the development of security, signaling, and communication technology, as well as other artifacts of rail transport, such as the development of fastening of railway superstructures. In the next department are exhibits of road transport from two historic bicycles with large front wheels (so-called “skeletons”), motorcycles, and cars of the early era of motoring in the years 1900 to 1939. In Stock no. II. (Hall B) located behind Warehouse I. there is a diorama of the city’s ruins, government cars from the time of the Soviet Union, and vehicles presenting motoring after the Second World War presenting Czechoslovak motoring. The atmosphere is completed by a diorama STK with equipment from the sixties.

The warehouse buildings are unique and illustrate the spirit of railway transport, as they are in the industrial so-called railway style, typical brick design, with stone elements and pillars supporting the roof. Warehouse no. I. is 150 meters long and 15 meters wide [4]. Warehouse no. II is a similar structure, it is longer and wider [5].

Contemporary gallery

Museum of Transport in Bratislava (2021)

Historical gallery

Museum of Transport in Bratislava, SAV (Slovak Academy of Science)