Cultural studies platform CULTstore

Cultural studies platform CULTstore was founded by two university professors, architectural historians and conservators, with scientific, pedagogical and practical experience, particularly in the field of industrial heritage. Operating within a local and international map of actors of different profiles, CULTstore has gained layered experience in different fields, such as: education and raising awareness of citizens, students and young professionals; research and promotion of industrial heritage values (exhibitions, publications); studies and expertise in industrial tourism; digitisation of industrial heritage; realization of local and international transdisciplinary and cross-sectoral cooperation within the heritage sector (individuals, associations, organizations and institutions); development and promotion the values of industrial heritage through participatory projects.

Hungary (Aviscon Ltd.)

Aviscon Consulting and Services Ltd. is operating industrial heritage website. Aviscon Ltd. as a consulting and project company coordinates the work of enthusiastic engineers, architects, industry experts, business consultants and tourism professionals, who are devoted to the protection, enhancement and reuse of industrial heritages of Hungary. Aviscon Ltd. provides consulting support (strategy, feasibility study, concept design) for Brownfield rehabilitation, revitalization of industrial sites, and reuse of industrial buildings. Furthermore, it helps municipalities to develop tourism strategies and new tourism services as well as to raise awareness and to promote the industrial and technical heritage and monuments of the municipality. The company also makes industrial heritage tours, factory visits, and study tours to show the Hungarian industrial and technical heritage, as well as industrial redevelopments.

Czech Republic

The Research Centre for Industrial Heritage FA CTU Prague

The Research Centre for Industrial Heritage (VCPD) systematically documents the industrial heritage and technical and industrial monuments located on the territory of the Czech Republic and it studies them in reference to the history and theory of architecture, urban studies, and heritage conservation. The VCPD FA CTU takes an interdisciplinary approach to its work and promotes cooperation across a broad range of institutions. It documents historical experience, pursues the goals of sustainable development, and acts as an intermediary between the work of the professional community and the activities of enthusiastic volunteers. It also initiated the national platform for the conservation and adaptive re-use of industrial heritage – Vestiges of Industry ( and the online industrial heritage map Industrial Topography of the Czech Republic (


Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava Faculty of architecture and design (FAD STU)

FAD STU in Bratislava is a recognized educational and research institution for architecture, urbanism and design. Research of the architectural heritage of Slovakia (including industrial heritage), identification of the conditions of its protection and active use belong to the specific profiles of research projects and educational programs of the faculty’s workplaces. The strength of these activities is the immediate implementation of graphic and product design, which has a significant position at the faculty. As part of research projects, educational activities and doctoral studies, the industrial heritage of architecture in the field of mining and metallurgy, energy, transport infrastructure was mapped and presented, as well as many historical production areas of other technological content, too. FAD STU cooperates in these areas with other research and professional workplaces and universities, provides scientific, pedagogical, expertise and design support to institutions, public authorities and private entities. Through its own research and project activities was a partner in the implementation of the adaptive revitalization of the Power Plant in the town of Piešťany, which won several domestic and international awards. FAD regularly collaborates on the organization of the Industrial Days series in Bratislava, organizes professional and scientific conferences on industrial heritage, actively participates in international cooperation through grants and international projects (Culture, Interreg, Visegrad fund, Horizon program, etc.).


Foundation for the Protection of Silesian Industrial Heritage

The Foundation for the Protection of Silesian Industrial Heritage was established by Piotr Gerber in 2007 to ensure active protection of industrial heritage in Upper and Lower Silesia. The operations pursued by the Foundation are of varying nature. The Foundation has been taking up activities in the following areas: research of industrial history in Silesia (a number of publications), practical protection of tangible industrial heritage as well as education on economic development. The most important aspect of the activities of the Foundation is protection of selected technical facilities, characteristic for Silesia. The protection is achieved primarily by transforming the preserved facility into a museum. Protection by the transformation of the rescued historic facility into a museum has been made on the basis of various models. The selection of the protection mode is primarily intended to ensure maximum protection and the best preservation of the original and authentic nature of the historic facility. When selecting a facility to preserve, consideration is given to facilities of special importance for the region and those representing the most important industries that developed in Upper or Lower Silesia.