Workshop: Let’s go on a train journey! European heritage days 2022

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As part of the European Heritage Days program, the international project Railway Heritage for the Sustainable Development of Tourism Rail4V4+V was promoted at railway stations in Vojvodina.

During European Heritage Day, we opened the doors of selected railway heritage sites, enabling citizens, primarily children, to enjoy the travelling exhibition and learn about the common railway heritage, encouraging them to preserve and enhance this heritage for present and future generations. The travelling exhibition showed 25 railway sites included in RAIL4V4+V virtual route.

Three workshops were held for children of preschool age at the following stations: Novi Sad railway station on September 20, Sombor railway station on September 21, and Zrenjanin railway station on September 22. Children were introduced to the basic categories of railway facilities and infrastructure through memory games, puzzles, colouring books and an interactive workshop on the map of the countries involved in the project.

The workshop was led by RAIL4V4+V project coordinators Anica Draganić and Szilágyi Mária.