Railway Heritage and Tourism

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26.01.2022, Wrocław, Poland, online

The Foundation for the Protection of Silesian Industrial Heritage organizes the online seminar Railway heritage and tourism as a part of the project Railway Heritage for Sustainable Tourism Development – RAIL4V4+V.

The focal target group of the seminar is the owners and users of railway locations that are part of this project (five sites from each of the partner countries – Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland and Serbia)

The seminar will be organized in two parts:

  1. Lectures by experts in the field of railway heritage – presentations of examples of good practice in the field of protection of railway heritage and tourism in Poland
  2. Open dialogue between all participants, focusing on specific topics related to participatory practice and the role of owners and users in the development of railway tourism.

The seminar aims to strengthen the participation of the target group, raise awareness and motivate for support in further project activities (marking the location, organizing open days).


Anica Draganić, PhD, associate professor, Department of Architecture and Urbanism, Faculty of Technical Sciences, University of Novi Sad, president of the Cultural studies platform CULTstore

Piotr Gerber, prof. of Wroclaw University of Technology, president of the Foundation for the Protection of Silesian Industrial Heritage

Maciej Mądry, director of Zinc Rolling Mill WALCOWNIA, Foundation for the Protection of Silesian Industrial Heritage

Bartosz Walczak, prof of Łódz University of Technology, Department of History of Architecture, Heritage Conservation and Urban Regeneration, Institute of Architecture and Urban Planning, Department of Architecture

Howard Jones, railway heritage expert, director of Wolsztyn Experience course