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Railway Heritage for Sustainable Tourism Development Rail4V4+V ,,LOGO”


 International design competition results:

A total of 23 competition proposals were entered into the competition. All proposals were printed in a uniform format and displayed in alphabetical order according to the author’s surname at the Faculty of Architecture and Design STU.

All submitted proposals were evaluated by a 5-member expert jury composed of :

assoc. prof. Milan Lukáč, akad. soch., Head of the Institute of Fine Arts and Multimedia FAD STU;
prof. Peter Paliatka., akad. soch., Institute of Design FAD STU;
Ing. arch. Zuzana Zacharová – Design factory, o.z.,
akad. mal. Milan Pagáč, director of the Josef Vydra School of Art Industry in Bratislava
Mgr. Ing. Daniela Chrančoková, PhD., representative from the regional self-government BBSK, the specialist for tourism, Chairman of KOCR BBKT

The commission studied the individual works in advance, evaluated them, and within the first round of discussions, jointly marked 8 works advancing to the next round. In the next round, the potentials and limits of individual proposals were renamed and compared, as well as were compared the level of settlement of the assignment. From these 8, 3 works were subsequently selected, which were further discussed and voted on. So final ranking and the recommended winning proposal came up after 2,5 hours.

 Winning proposal: no. 7 – József Gábos – Budapest


The Commission emphasized the simplicity and clarity of the proposal – “the author has dealt well with the difficult task and interpretation of the rather complex name RAIL4v4 + V.”

“Graphic clarity and informative value allow a high degree of applicability in various forms and scales of presentation in an international context. The logo is clear, legible and identifiable. Congratulations to the winner.”

1. Place: proposal no. 19 – Nina Tahy – Bratislava

2. Place: proposal no. 2 – Nóra Bognár – Budapest

The Commission evaluated the competition:

“We saw a high degree of invention and diversity of opinion, which the participants showed. There was a lot to choose from. The young designers had a great opportunity to combine study with practice and compare themselves in an international context. They will be able to apply this experience in the future and we believe that this whole initiative and the new visual will help to promote the railway heritage towards the young generation. ”

Big Congratulations and many thanks from us to all participants.