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Sombor Railway Station

The decision on the Sombor – Subotica – Szeged railway construction, made in 1864 at a conference in Subotica, was followed by the Committee for the railway construction establishment in Sombor. Five years later, on September 11, the first train entered the newly built station. Along with numerous citizens and the entire city leadership, the […]

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Novi Sad Railway Station

In 1960, the City Council of Novi Sad announced a public call for the passenger railway and bus station design. Since none of the proposals submitted met the requirements, the architectural studio “Architect” from Novi Sad was awarded the task. Imre Farkaš has been appointed chief designer. The modern railway station was designed in a

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The First Railway Of Vojvodina

The construction of the first line in the south of Banat, Oravica-Jasenovo-Bela Crkva-Bazijaš, began in 1846-1847 years. After several interruptions in construction, it was completed and opened in 1854 for cargo and two years later for passenger traffic. The original goal of this line was economic: to connect the mining center Oravica with the nearest

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Banat Narrow-gauge Railway

The plan for a narrow-gauge railway Veliki Bečkerek-Žombolj construction was devised in 1894, as evidenced by a document that originated in Veliki Beckerek after a tour taken along the route of the planned railway line. Due to the increasing economic importance of this area, the county’s elite and aristocrats, Jene Ronai, prefect of Torontal County,

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Horehronie Express

The route runs from Banská Bystrica, Brezno then the ride is through Červená Skala to Dedinky, along one of the most beautiful railway lines in Slovakia and through monumental technical monuments – Telgártsky and Chmarošský viaducts, the Kornel Stodol tunnel or the Telgártská loop is a real experience not only for train lovers. The atmosphere

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Armored train Štefánik

After the outbreak of the Uprising, the 1st MS. army in Slovakia lack of heavy weapons, so the construction of improvised armored trains began. It was built according to the pre-war Czechoslovak regulation, while the set was supplemented by tank wagons based on the experience of the German and Soviet armies. The order for the

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Express 34 tunnels

The route runs from Banská Bystrica, through Harmanec, to Kremnica and back through Hronská Dúbrava and Zvolen. The journey ends again in Banská Bystrica. The line between Banská Bystrica and Horná Štubňa is named SNP Line. Its uniqueness, as well as the unique stories that took place on the route between Kremnica and Zvolen, The

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