ONLINE SEMINAR Railway heritage for engaging the young generation – Rail4V4+V 2023

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The knowledge-sharing seminar “Railway heritage for engaging the young generation – Rail4V4+V 2023”, organised by, took place on 11 December 2023.
The seminar had 11 lecturers from the V4 countries, Serbia and Slovenia. The presentations showed examples and good practices for involving young people in the operation, maintenance, rescue and preservation of railways, as well as in raising awareness and promoting railway heritage and cultural heritage in a broader sense.
Besides students from several secondary schools, professionals from different fields, such as railways, heritage tourism, heritage protection, history of architecture, and rural development, also logged in to the webinar.

Here are the links to the videos:
01 Anica Draganić – Welcome and Introduction of the Rail4V4 projects (partly)
02 Károly Teleki – History of children’s railways
03 Tamás Hadas – Budapest Children’s Railway
04 Dániel Erky-Nagy – AKGV the story of the largest private railway collection in Hungary
05 Károly Teleki – Re-colour it
06 Nyíregyháza Secondary Art School paintings
06 Nyíregyháza Secondary Art School Q&A
07 Ondřej Smíšek – Potential use of the historic station building in Děčín
08 Maciej Madry – Railway. Industry nervous system
09 Drejc Kokošar – Youth – catalyst for mining and industrial heritage in Slovenia
10 Monika Stacho – How to photograph architectural and railway heritage
11 Vladimír Hain – Rail4V4+V photo contest preliminary information