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IndustrialHeritageHungary, Budapest will organise the online workshop for secondary school students and their teachers, experts in heritage tourism, heritage protection, history of architecture, ethnology, sociology, and history from the V4 and Vojvodina regions. 

The presentations will showcase examples and good practices on how to involve young people in the operation, maintenance, rescue and preservation as well as awareness raising and promotion of railway heritage and cultural heritage in a broader sense. 



Anica Draganić 

Welcome and Introduction of the Rail4V4 Projects 

The presentation will show the scope and results of the former “Railway Heritage for Sustainable Tourism Development – Rail4V4+V 2021” and the ongoing “Railway Heritage for Engaging the Young Generation – Rail4V4+V 2023“ projects. 


Károly Teleki 

“Most loveable communist heritage” – the children’s railways in CEE 

The presentation provides an overview of the history of children’s railways in the Soviet Union and the former socialist countries of Central and Eastern Europe. 


Tamás Hadas 

75th year anniversary: Past and present of the Children’s Railway 

This year the Children’s Railway, the former pioneer railway, celebrates its 75th anniversary. The presentation will give an overview of the history of the Children’s Railway and what it means to former and current railway children Railway heritage for engaging the young generation – Rail4V4+V 2023 

The project is co-financed by the Governments of Czechia, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia through Visegrad Grants from International Visegrad Fund. 


Dániel Erky-Nagy 

AKGV a case study of saving, restoring and operating industrial railways in a garden of a weekend house 

The presentation will show, how enthusiastic secondary school students started to save factory railways, build tracks in a garden of a weekend house, restoring narrow gauge locomotives and rail cars and promoting industrial railways. 


Károly Teleki 

“Re-colour it” 

MÁV Zrt. the operator of Hungarian State Railways launched a campaign to paint and decorate railway underpasses. Many schools, artist groups, civil associations applied and painted more than 50 underpasses in the past few years. We show some examples. 


Ágnes Endresz 

Nyíregyháza Secondary School of Art paintings at the Nyíregyháza Railway Station and more 

The video presentation is about, how the students of Nyíregyháza Secondary School of Art painted the underpass at Nyíregyháza Railway Station, what actions it triggered, and what other places the art school has decorated. 


Coffee/lunch break 


Ondřej Smíšek 

Potential use of the historic station building in Děčín 

The presentation will show the steps already taken to re-use the spectacular building in the area of the Eastern railway station in Děčín as an educational centre. 


Maciej Madry 

Railway. Industry nervous system 

The presentation will showcase selected, model industrial objects from the historical Silesia region with extensive historical railway sidings. The objects were selected not only for their historical significance but also for the relationship between the facility and the railway, which enabled its functioning. The theme was chosen due to the common perception of railways as something abstract, separate, and inherently valuable, rather than as a functional system facilitating the operation of other systems. 


Drejc Kokošar 

Youth – catalyst for mining and industrial heritage in Slovenia 

In the past years, a small and peripheral town of Idrija, Slovenia, has seen a renewed interest in cultural heritage. Drejc Kokošar (ID20 Institute) will explain more about their work with authentic miners’ houses and other activities in the UNESCO Heritage Site. 

13.10 – 13.40 

Monika Stacho 

How to photograph architectural and railway heritage 

The lecture will be about how railway heritage places can be photographed during a visit: Railway heritage for engaging the young generation – Rail4V4+V 2023 

The project is co-financed by the Governments of Czechia, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia through Visegrad Grants from International Visegrad Fund. 

– how to take photos (one photo, a series of photos, …) 

– gears to take photos with (mobile phone, tablet, camera, tripod, without a tripod … detail settings, macro …) 

– when to take pictures (morning, lunch, evening, spring, summer, autumn, winter…) 

– post-production (right angles and verticals, HDR, black and white photo, colour photo, sepia ….) 

– the software to use for post processing 

13.40 -13.50 

Vladimír Hain 

Rail4V4+V photo contest preliminary information 

The presentation will draw attention for the upcoming international railway heritage youth photo competition organised by the Slovak partner of the Rail4V4+V project 

13.50 – 

Q&A, Open dialogue between all participants 

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